Welcome to our Student Support section, where we are dedicated to helping students achieve their academic and personal goals at Elizabeth School of London. Our team of experienced professionals are here to provide a range of services to support your academic journey. We emphasise providing an exceptional service to all students. It’s not only necessary but essential in creating a positive and supportive environment for students. Remarkable service goes beyond addressing basic needs; it involves proactively building meaningful relationships, anticipating student concerns before they arise, and exceeding expectations. Here are some key aspects of providing exceptional service within the student support role:

Academic Services

At Elizabeth School of London, we are here to help and provide several services that can help with your academic journey.

Study Skill Tutors

Access one-to-one group sessions to receive help with challenging subjects or to reinforce understanding of course materials.

Career Development

Employability Officers and services will be at hand to help students explore their career options, create a CV, and prepare for job interviews.


Learn effective study techniques, time management skills, referencing and strategies to help improve academic performance.

Library Resources

Explore our physical and online resources, to help students with their academic research, reading and interests!

Advisory Support

  • Guidance and Advice:
  • Provide students with accurate and timely information about academic programmes, course selections and signposting students to the correct departments to receive expert advice.
  • Pastoral Support:
  • Offer guidance on personal development, time management, help students address challenges that may impact their academic success.
  • Attendance Matters:
  • Monitoring student attendance and communicate with students about attendance-related issues.

Financial Guidance:

At each campus we have a Student Finance representative that can help with any financial related issues and offer guidance when it comes to Student Loan Applications.

Accessibility Services

At Elizabeth School of London, we believe that education should be inclusive for all. If you require additional help or assistance our experienced team can provide accommodation to ensure that you have success in your education. Finally, we are here to help you succeed academically and professionally. If you require any additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support Services.