Who we are

Elizabeth School of London is dedicated to providing relevant, high-quality programs and operates across seven campuses located in six UK cities: London, Birmingham, Leeds, Leicester, Manchester, and Northampton.


The mission of the Elizabeth School of London (ESL) is to provide a quality educational experience for students from diverse backgrounds who demonstrate academic competence, potential, and personal motivation for success. By collaborating with universities across the UK and beyond, ESL specializes in educating students from non-traditional backgrounds, recognizing the transformative impact of education on personal and professional growth.

At Elizabeth School of London (ESL), we consider more than just traditional academic achievements when selecting students. We assess their potential for higher education based on contextual data that includes personal and work accomplishments. ESL facilitates access to programs that enhance students' employability by focusing on disciplines relevant to current market demands. Our curriculum is enriched with real-life examples, case studies, and elements of employability and entrepreneurship, helping students link their education to both their previous and ongoing work experiences. Our collaborations with industry partners enhance the practical impact of our programs on communities throughout the UK.

ESL believes in education as a partnership between the institution and students; ESL provides diverse avenues for student engagement in the learning and academic development processes. This includes a student representative programme and active encouragement for students to provide feedback, enabling them to tailor their academic experience to accommodate work-life balance. ESL extends the partnership with students beyond graduation through an alumni network aimed at promoting continued employability and inspiring future cohorts of students at ESL.

ESL is committed to cultivating an international perspective in students' academic studies and future employment, encouraging students to envision their potential beyond local communities. Our philosophy involves holistic treatment of students as individuals, recognising and addressing barriers that may impede them from reaching their full potential. To this end, ESL provides a comprehensive and bespoke support programme for students to help them achieve their academic potential, personal development, and overall well-being throughout their academic journey.

ESL values

To achieve our Mission, ESL will develop a culture that values:


Embracing the inherent value of our diverse community of staff and students, fostering respect for every individual, irrespective of their background.


We are committed to aligning our actions with the institution's mission, values, and strategic aims while upholding the personal integrity of all staff members.


Cultivating a supportive community among our staff and students, united by shared educational and personal development objectives.


Endeavour to achieve excellence by continuous evaluation of our progress in fulfilling our Mission, Values, and Strategic Aims, as well as maintaining the quality of our educational offerings.


Pioneering an approach that is both innovative and research-informed in delivering programmes to our diverse student body.


Safeguarding freedom of thought and expression, promoting academic debate, embracing alternative viewpoints, and acknowledging the unique aspirations and needs of our students.

ESL Strategic Aim

  • Broaden Access to Higher Education:
  • Actively encourage and facilitate access to Higher Education for students from all backgrounds including those from non-traditional backgrounds.
  • Deliver a Unique and Compelling Educational Experience:
  • Strive to provide an educational journey that is distinctive, engaging, and exceptional, fostering a conducive environment for learning.
  • Holistic Student Support Services:
  • Establish and maintain a holistic and systematic support service to assist students throughout their academic journey, promoting personal and academic well-being.
  • Commitment to Resources and Development:
  • Commit to offering outstanding resources that contribute to academic pursuits, personal growth, enhanced employability, and overall personal well-being.
  • Foster Positive Academic and Graduate Outcomes:
  • Actively support and promote the attainment of positive degree outcomes and successful graduate pathways.
  • Transformative Impact on Communities:
  • Champion Higher Education as a catalyst for positive transformation within local communities across the UK.

Board of Governors

Our board of governors is comprised of experienced specialists with significant knowledge across a broad range of sectors. The board provides a dynamic perspective on the strategic direction and governance of Elizabeth School of London, as well as crucially providing advice to the senior leadership team, ensuring the quality of provision for the benefit of students and partners. More info