Regulation quality and Governance


Ensuring excellence through Governance and Compliance

At Elizabeth School of London, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of regulation, quality, and governance. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our comprehensive approach to corporate and academic governance, stringent policies, and strategic planning. This framework ensures that we meet the expectations set by educational standards and regulatory bodies. Through robust governance practices, well-defined policies, and a forward-thinking strategic plan, we strive to create an educational environment that fosters integrity, transparency, and continuous improvement. Explore the sections below to learn more about our governance structure, policies, and strategic vision.
Corporate and Academic Governance

Our Board of Governors is composed of distinguished professionals and experts who lend their invaluable insights and guidance to support ESL's strategic direction and educational initiatives.


Here at Elizabeth School of London we are committed to making our campuses a fantastic place to learn and work, one that is open and welcoming to all. Our policies and processes aid us in this endeavour.