Fees, Finance & Funding

Heading to higher education necessitates budget preparation. We offer insights on tuition, available financial aid, and how to manage your finances.

What are the financial support options for students?

Going towards higher education is a big investment and you'll probably find it helpful to plan your finances before you start. We’ve provided some financial information to help you understand our fees, what funding is available and how we can help you manage your budget.

Undergraduate Support

Full-time and part-time students who qualify can apply for a student loan through Student Finance England, potentially covering tuition and living expenses. Additional financial support is available for those with dependents or disabilities. Often, the loan amount you can borrow depends on your parents' income. You do not need to repay your loan until you earn the minimum repayment amount.
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    Postgraduate Support

    For those embarking on postgraduate studies, you have the opportunity to secure a Postgraduate Master's Loan from Student Finance England. This financial assistance is designed to support your journey by covering tuition fees and living expenses. You are required to commence loan repayments only once your income surpasses the designated 'threshold' amount, ensuring financial flexibility during the early stages of your career.
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